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Custom Monoclonal Antibodies – it’s all we do.

Paratopes’ mission is to provide the highest quality, high affinity monoclonal antibodies to researchers in the biomedical and fundamental research sectors with researcher satisfaction the highest priority.

Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies

We generate high-affinity antibodies using novel adjuvant formulations and immunisation protocols which are both effective and humane. Indeed most of our adjuvant components have been licensed for use in humans and are consequently very mild but extremely effective.

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Paratopes core screening technology was invented by Paratopes’ founder, Alan Sawyer and is licensed from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory.The technology is based on protein microarrays. This allows for thousand of samples to be printed or spotted onto an ordinary glass slide.

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Custom Monoclonal Antibody Pricing

See our pricing for various types of Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies. Against a protein or peptide target,
Specific for a post-translational modification, Against a protein or peptide target, Specific for a post-translational modification…

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Custom Monoclonal Antibodies

Since 1987 Alan Sawyer has been producing monoclonal antibodies for academic researchers in fundamental biological research. The traditional method of monoclonal antibody production had essentially not changed since it was first described in 1975 after Köhler and Milstein’s Nobel Prize-winning research.

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